"The factory..."

Nowadays, some people may hold the opinion that building a factory near their community could be a good thing, since it may take down the rate of unemployment and became a major resource of income for the whole community as well. Other people have a different opinion. They argue that the damages caused by the factory would be more intense than the benefits. For example, those people say that the waste thrown into the air and the good water would be a big problem, maybe irreversible, if the company does not have a serious and responsible plan of protection for the environment.

My opinions about that topic are still confused. There are good arguments in both sides. For example, I do agree that the progress process could really be accelerated by setting up a factory in the nearby, for obvious reasons. But on the other hand, I take in account that setting up a factory could bring troubles as well. Unwanted phenomena could come along with the progress. We may lose our peace for the noise and pollution released by the factory; animals could leave the region because of the waste thrown into the water and so on.

What is clear after all is that the quick progress has a high price. The point is: Are we willing to pay for it?

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